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April 27, 2012 / archbishopderrickyoung


We often ask the question, “how do we prove the existence of God?” St. Thomas Aquinas, a great theologian of the Church, and was probably the most important philosopher in the Medieval period, presents his so called “5 Ways to prove the existence of God.” I would like to explain here in summary form this so called “5 Ways of St. Thomas Aquinas.”

1. The argument from an unmoved mover.

– everything that moves is move by something
– that mover is in turn moved by sopmething else again.
– But this chain of movers cannot be infininte, or movement would not have started in the first place.
– Therefore, there must be an unmoved mover, causing movement in everything, without itself actually being moved.
– This unmoved mover is what people understand by ‘ God.’

2. The Argument from an uncaused cause.

– everything has a cause
– every cause itself has a cause
– but you cannot have an infinite number of causes
– therefore, there must be an uncaused cause, which causes everything to happen without itself being caused by anything else.
– such an uncaused cause is what people understand by ‘God.’

3. The Argument from possibility and necessity.

– individual things come into existence and later cease to exist.
– therefore, at one time none of them was in existence.
– but something comes into existence only as a result of something else that already exists.
– therefore, there must be a being whose existence is necessary – God.’

4. The Argument from degrees of quality.

-he spoke of degrees of goodness and perfection in the world.
– that there must be something that constitutes perfect goodness, which he calls ‘God,’ which causes goodnes in all else.

5. The Argument from design.

– if he were to find a watch lying on the ground, he would assume that it was the product of a designer,
– unlike a stone, he would see at once that it was made up of many different parts worked together in order to produce movement,
– if any one part were ordered differently, the whole thing would not work.
– in the same way , he argued, that the world is like a machine, each part of it designed so tha tit takes its place withtin the whole.
– if the world is so designed, it must have a designer, which is ‘God.’


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  1. Donald John Popp / May 23 2012 10:09 am

    Good argument, although I’m sure atheists will find a way to pick it apart. God is very real and lives in me. I talk with him daily. You can’t prove anything to a closed mind. Jeremiah and Hebrews teach us that God will be found by those who sincerely seek him. How can you find something you are convinced doesn’t exist? That is like getting blood out of a stone.

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